It is undeniable that the Natural/Organic is a growing trend, influencing not only the Personal Care market, but also many other that we can easily touch in our everyday life. Market data are here available confirming this increasing trend for the Nutraceutical, the Household and the Personal Care field.

Unlike the Food market, where a specific European legislation gives indication to the whole production chain in terms of natural and organic, the Personal Care field is not yet underpinned by an official authorized regulatory context. This results in the presence of a multitude of private labels, certifications and standards claiming cosmetic ingredients and finished formulations being somehow natural, organic, green, sustainable.

In this context, the risk is to increase average end users confusions around this topic, leading them far from the principle of informed and conscious product choice, which is one of the objective on the European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009. In terms of safety, another key cornerstone of the just mentioned Cosmetic Regulation, we know that all finished products released in the market have to be safe at first, this regardless of their composition, source of raw materials or type of formulative approach. Thus, if from one and the maintenance of ingredients and products safety as top priority is of paramount importance, what would be beneficial for the Personal Care market, is also the definition of a unique international authorized standard, providing producers with a univocal regulatory context to be followed when speaking natural/organic.

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