To understand whether Personal Care Preservatives and Biocides are simply antimicrobial agents used in different type of market segments (personal and home care respectively), or if the difference in between them is wider, including additional factors, we analysed key points of comparison. We started by definitions, field of application and targets, finding out how variegate is the Biocide field, when compared to the Preservative one.

We went deeper in our comparison, analysing potential differences in terms of regulatory, approval procedure, safety and efficacy evaluation. The article is not only and academic comparison between the two ingredients. Its  conclusion focuses on consumers’ perception towards the two ingredients when used in Personal Care (preservatives) and Home Care (Biocides).

Although, in this specific case, they have an analogous function (to prevent microbial spoilage in the finished formula), the feeling is that consumers’ perception towards them is completely different in the two markets; this opens an interesting point of reflection for both the author and the readers.

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