Cosmetic Preservatives and Skin Microbiota, what’s new?

In 2018, when skin microbiota was the personal care word of the year, and everyone seemed to be involved in this topic and related new discovers, we decided to investigate whether cosmetic preservatives, which are known and used for their antimicrobial efficacy, could have any impact on the microbial population inhabiting our skin. And now? What's new in this field?

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Hygiene: one word different meanings

The real meaning of hygiene depends on the context: When it refers to personal hygiene it usually relates to Personal Care products, covered by Cosmetic Regulation; while, on the contrary, when hygiene is associated with disinfection and relates to public health improvement, it is linked to biocidal products.

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Wrong cosmetic preservation and related adverse effects

It can happen that preservatives are wrongly dosed in a finished Personal Care product. The choice of a suitable preservative system should be always based on experimental trials and good knowledge of the formulation and of ingredients compatibility.

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2020 Update what’s new in Personal Care Preservation

Do you remember where we stopped in 2018 with preservatives activities and regulations? Preservative's activities were under pressure! According to EFfCI data, among the 57 active entries of Annex V, only 9 remain available for the preservation of the whole Cosmetic formulas. What has then happened in the past two years?

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