The micro-world focus has carried with itself a cloudy situation regarding definitions. The most common uncertainty is about the meaning of Microbiota and Microbiome. Could they be easily interchanged? Do they relate to the same concept? Moreover, raw materials manufacturers started to include in the market a whole new category of ingredients. We often find these substances on the packaging of the finished product claiming an added value to the formula, such as “prebiotics inside”, “with probiotics” or “postbiotic complex” and so on. The tricky question here is: Is the end user aware of the differences among those?

It is a hard work for all of us: cosmetic companies, retailers and end users. Luckily, we are covered by dedicated scientific entities that will give us indications to stay afloat and to not drown in the huge sea that is the micro-world. Do not miss our next articles to stay updated and join the micro-world addicted family!