November 27th, University of Novara

The interest of the cosmetics industry for the skin microbiota: a trend of the moment or the starting point for future innovation?

Thanks to its recognized experience in the Personal Care field, ROELMI HPC has been invited to share its know-how and knowledge with students that, starting from this Autumn, will attend Master Emotion at the University of Novara, Spanish University Miguel Hernandes, Belgian University de Namur and German University of Berlin.

ROELMI HPC will share with the students an overview about the Cosmetic Industry and the European Cosmetic regulatory frameworks. The main reason why ROELMI HPC has been involved in this project lies in its know-how and knowledge around skin microbiota; we will provide students with an explanation of the links between the huge importance that the microbial community inhibiting our skin has for our lives, and the great interests, investments and researches that the Personal Care industry is making in this context