The knowledge on gut microbiota, its central role for human health, its modulation and its functional connection with other fundamental body parts is well established in the Nutraceutical field.

This thanks to several decades of studies and experimental researches. Today, the Nutraceutical market can benefit from this wide experience, providing customers with products that, thanks to the gut microbiota modulation, have several positive effects on human health. The Personal Care field, in comparison, is a real beginner! Only recently Cosmetics discovered the importance of Skin microbiota, in this field the studies and experiments are definitely more recent. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the study of skin Microbiota constitutes a growing trend and a fascinating and important challenge for both the R&D and marketing of the Personal Care field.

It is well recognized that human body does not work in separate compartments, on the contrary a multitude of connections between all our different body parts make our life possible. The Gut Brain Skin axis is an example: it is a connection through which the skin results affected by psychological states, which in turn are influenced by an altered gastrointestinal function; this circle becomes vicious and all elements involved (the gut, the skin and the brain) are cause and effects. If it is true that the functional integrity and microbial residents of the intestinal tract may play a mediating role in both skin inflammation and emotional behaviour, it is consequentially true that several point of connections are possible between the Nutraceutical and the Personal Care market, and actually something is already going on…

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