19-20 November 2019, London

Preservation of microbiota friendly products: a contradiction?

In the Personal Care Microbiota era, the number of cosmetic ingredients and finished formula, which dedicated to the enhancement, protection or restoration of skin microbiota balance is undeniably growing. They are commonly defined Microbiota Friendly ingredients/products. On the other side of the coin, what has always been and keep remain fundamental for a successful cosmetic formula are its safety and stability.

These key parameters are guaranteed by the presence of an adequate preservative system. Thus, if from one side we need to protect the formulation from potential microbial contamination, on the other hand we are now introducing in the products ingredients meant to guarantee stability and do not negatively influence our skin microorganisms. It is reasonable and logic to ask whether these two aspect of the Personal Care formulation can be in contrast.

To answer this question, ROELMI HPC made some experimental evaluations, whose results will be discussed during next In-Cosmetics formulation summit in London, on 19th of November.