The Beauty Cluster Barcelona organizes a day focused on the microbial. This session has as main objective to know the current state of research, development and innovation in the field of microbiota and the microbiome applied to the beauty sector. This content will be framed within the current regulatory field, of avant-garde solutions, formulation and necessary safety and efficacy pots.

We will there to present “BioBalance Project”.

Considering the intrinsic antimicrobial property of personal care preservatives, and in light of the huge importance that the skin microbiota has for the human being, it is reasonable to wonder whether preservatives may exert their function also on microorganisms inhabiting our skin, and that we know are essential for us.
We apply cosmetics daily on our face and body, so what about the microbiota balance, if the personal care product contains some antimicrobial substances?

To answer this question, some months ago, ROELMI HPC launched the BioBalance project, in cooperation with Complife Laboratories and UPO-Università del Piemonte Orientale. First results have already been published in a popular scienze article, and in a graduation thesis. Now they will be discussed during the Barcelona Beauty Cluster even

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